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Have you ever been curious about child sponsorship? Perhaps you've thought about wanting to help with some of the problems facing children in developing countries but feel a bit confused?

The particular issues that are tackled by children's charities such as the Ruel Foundation are very easy for most people to relate to and feel strongly about wanting to help where they can. However, sometimes the scale of the problems can seem too large for us as individuals to tackle. For example, it's been estimated by UNICEF that 19,000 children die every day in the world, largely from preventable causes like pneumonia and malnutrition. People want to help but don't know how.

Fortunately, children's charities and child sponsorship programmes provide a way to help fight against these issues. Charities such as the Ruel Foundation have the expertise, the networks and infrastructure already in place, making it easy for people to really make a difference in these kid's lives.

Sponsoring a child is one way of helping. Child sponsorship through a programme such as the Ruel Foundation means your money will benefit not just the child but their family and community. It is about helping people to help themselves.

It is a feeling of connection that is the main difference between child sponsorship and other forms of giving to charitable causes. There is a tangible connection to the people and the issues that are being tackled.

You may feel a surge of curiosity to learn about the place where your sponsored child lives, a sense of excitement at getting the first letter and pride at finding out what your money is helping the child and community to do. Maybe the world will feel a little smaller.

If you are looking for a more personal way of being a part of the projects you want to support, child sponsorship could be perfect for you. You can find out more on our Sponsor Page or just send us an email and we'll help connect you.

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