Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban

"I am an art student in my fifth year of study and my final year doing my masters. For my masters I am painting from my experiences in Tacloban. Last year I studied for my honours degree and worked part time.

Children's Charities

The Ruel Foundation is a well-recognised and fully registered international children's charity, fighting to save the lives of children in developing nations and to help them realise their dreams

Poverty in the Philippines

We have been able to help many children who were found suffering and give them a future. We have wonderful stories of children we have helped to be adopted into homes around the world where at last they are getting the love and care they need to fulfil their potential and reach for their dreams.


About Us

The Ruel Foundation is a not-for-profit Children's Charity committed to bringing significant and lasting change to children in need around the world.