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Before After Name Details
Marina Thank you to Philip & Dorrie Jones and Marla Williams and friends for giving so generously to Marina in order for her to get her surgery done.
Ruel Thank you to all those who helped with the treatment of Ruel.
Ruel, our namesake, was found suffering from malnutrition in a hospital in Borongan, Eastern Samar in the Philipine Islands. His malnutrition was due to a cleft lip with cleft palate. Cleft
Jade Jade was operated on her lip on 23/10/12
Palate Feb 2013
Zhielah Mae Mariel Zhielah had her operation done at the beginning of October 2010, thankyou to all those who regularly give to our donation boxes.
Nino Nino's cleft palate was operated on by Operation Smile on 15th January 2010.
Thanks to those who support the Donation boxes that paid for this surgery.
John Mark John Mark was dropped off at Ruel House because his mother did not want him.
He is under nourished.We will process him for adoption.

Thank you to all those who came to the Veira fundraising concert in the UK, helping to pay for his treatment.
John John has had his lip operation. unfortunately we cannot currently operate on his cleft palate because we suspect he has heart problems.

Thank you to the Smile Train for sponsoring this child. $450 is still needed to sponsor his surgery.
Daniel cleft lip and palate
John Paul Completed January 2012
Manita Manita has now had her surgery completed and she is back with her family.

We are continuing to monitor Manita. At her last check up we found she has a slight swelling on her head so she will need futher monitoring.

Thank you to Harry and Martha Bart