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Before After Name Details
Jerald Gerald has a huge tumor on his shoulder. We have done a biopsy on this and are waiting for the results.
His lip and palate have both been operated on.
Thank you to the Smile Train for sponsoring this child. Sponsorship of $900 is still needed. Lump rem
Mark Sponsored by: The Smile Train. Mark has had his surgery but still requires sponsorship of $900.
Lily Lily has now been fitted with corrective boots.

She will be reassessed every six months.

She still requires new boots every six months.

Thanks to all those sponsors who have helped pay for this. (Sue Church, Carolyn and Stephen Cossgrove, Elizabe
Jeremy Jeremy had his operation for his cleft lip on September 5th. He has now also had his palate operation. Sponsorship of $650 is still required.

Sponsored by: The Smile Train
Deo Completed April 2008. Deo is still in need of sonsorship of $450.
Jadellyn Cleft palate operation completed in December 2006

Sponsored by: The Smile Train. $450 in sponsorship still needed.
Joy Joy also suffers from mental retardation and malnourishment.

Operation was done February 2nd. Thank you to the sponsors who helped pay for this. $3105 still needed for sponsorship.

We apologise for the lack of an "after" photo here.
Christian His palate has been operated on. Sponsorship of $450 is still needed to cover the costs.
Francis Jay (Reynel) Thank you to the Smile Train for sponsoring this child. Still requires sponsorship of $450.
Johnsen Johnsen has had his operation. He still needs sponsorship of $900 to cover all costs.