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Before After Name Details
Armand Armands cleft lip has now been completed but he still in need of sponsorship for $450.
Rodel Club Feet - 4th serial casting done 16th sept 2008 on both feet. His treatment is complete. Sponsorship of $950 still needed.
Daniel Rey Lip operated on in January 2008.
Palate operated October 2008.
Irish Irish was originally, seriously malnourished.

We took Irish to see a specalist regarding her eye problem and she was operated on in February 2007.

Irish has now left Ruel Foundation and is in foster care with Ellie Renkema. She`s very happy and wel
Kyla Kassandra Thank you to the Smile Train for sponsoring this child.
Completed October 2008
Lito Lito is now a very healthy little boy!
He was brought back to his tribe June 2007.
His parents are not coping with him, unable to feed him so have requested that we take him back and place him for adoption.
We have agreed to do this for him.

On furt
Jake Jake had his first operation in September.

Palate done October 16, 2008.

Jointly sponsored by Southland Primary schools:Wyndham School, Tuturau School,Dacre School and the Ranstead family. Extra provided by Tauranga based donation boxes.
Anthony Thank you to the children of Pyes Pa Primary school for raising the money for Anthony's surgery.

Completed April 2008.
Dominique Lip done April 2008.
Fredwick Completed April 2008.