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Before After Name Details
Camila Dulawan Camila has been physically abused by her mother. she is staying at Ruel House for protection, to be treated for TB and to recover from malnourishment.

Camila finished her TB treatment and was sent home April 2009.We checked on her July 2009 and she loo
Christian Thank you to all those who helped with Christian's surgery.
Chadie Chadie was being treated for malnourishment. He was with Ruel Foundation for 7 months.

After 7 months with us Chadie has now gone home!
He is restored to full health and can now talk, walk and chew (none of which he could do when he first came to us.)
Mark Joshua Thank you to the staff and students of Menzies College in Wyndham, New Zealand, for raising money to help Mark Joshua.
Gema Operated on October 10th

Thank you to all those who came to the Veira fundraising concert in the UK for helping pay for her treatment.
John Rio John was shot in the chest. His father died at the scene

Operated on June 15
Saw Sponsored by: The Smile Train

Samuel finally had his surgery after waiting 3 years. He had to have reconstructive surgery to his upper jaw and this required him to finish growing before the Doctors could operate. His sister sent a thank you card expr
Grace Broken Leg - Attempted repair by witch doctor. Will need extensive repair and physio therapy.
Marlyn Marlyn needs to go Manila to be hospitalized for at least one month. He requires extensive surgery. The surgery cost at this stage is very much an estimate.

He has now had an x-ray and is scheduled to see a surgeon soon to discuss what it means.

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Princess Charlene