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Before After Name Details
Leymark Completed October 2008
Darwin Requires further investigation.
Booked for biopsy
Unfortunately the parents of this child are refusing surgery.
Maria Mayona Thank you to Brookfield Primary School, Chapel in the Pines Church, USA and Debbie Bertini, for raising the money for Maria's surgery.
Ryan Ryan is being cared for at the Ruel House. He is now eating and doing well and looking much better as the after photo shows.

Although marked as completed, he still requires sponsorship of $125 per month whilst at the Ruel house.

Thank you to all tho
Marife Thank you to all those who helped with the surgery for Marife.
Marife had a badly deformed right foot (as can be seen in her photo, pictured with her younger brother). Walking was extremely difficult and painful. This deformity hindered her ability to
Dollie Rose Thank you to all those who helped with Dollie Rose\'s surgery.
Shaina Shaina has had her operation now. Thank you so much to all those who contributed to her surgery.

She suffered from congenital cataract with meningocele. Shaina is a lovely girl who gives joy to her family. She plays with her mother and she can do norm
Michael Angelo Thank you to Barry and Barbara Doig and Bernie and Keiran Fahy who helped pay for his surgery.

We apologise for the current lack of an "after" photo for Michael.
Joshua We brought Joshua to the hospital for his cleft lip operation. It was found he has a heart mumur so we took him for an \'echo\' test and it was eventually decided not to proceed with Joshua\'s operation as the risk to his life was too great.

Joshua, a
Jessa We have done as much as possible with Jessa for the time being.

Doctors have advised us to leave Jessa until she is twelve years old. The reason is her bones will be more developed by then.