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Jillian Jillian has now completed her lip surgery and is doing well.

She has now had the surgery for her palate.

In 3 weeks we will be fixing her teeth. Thank you to all who have supported Jillian, it has been a long haul!

Special thanks to Equipper\'s C
Richard Richard had an operation for his hair lip in September 2006.
His palate was operated on in November 2007

Thank you to St. Peters Church, Ines McClea and Southernstock ( for helping to pay for his surgery.
Jael Jael had her first operation on Wednesday 13th of September.
She had to spend 2 days in hospital as she was having trouble eating but is doing a lot better now.
She went back to see her surgeon on September 27th.
We are currently in discussions with he
Melfred Thank you to Adam Yates for sponsoring Melfred\'s surgery.
Melford was operated with Operation Smile in April 2008
Anthony Anthony has now completed his surgery. Thank you so much to all the people who supported him!
Dennis Dennis has already had a cleft lip operation.

He has now had the operation on his palate.

Thank you to all those who helped pay for his surgery.
Norilyn (Merilyn) Thank you to southernstock ( for paying for Norilyn\'s surgery.
Rowelyn Thank you to Global Angels for sponsoring Rowelyn\'s treatment.
Jon Gabriel Operation completed in July 2007

Thank you to the Smile Train for sponsoring this child.
Joseph A huge thank you to Derek and Claire Warren for sponsoring Joseph\'s surgery.