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Before After Name Details
Kier Justin Keir is now wearing corrective shoes, his operations are complete!
Thank you to those who put money in the Tauranga donation boxes in August and paid for his surgery.
Omna Chelsa Thank you to all who helped pay for her surgery.
Nene Thank you to Wakerley Motorhomes for sponsoring Nene\'s monthly costs.
Ester Thank you to all those who helped pay for Esther\'s surgery.
Lita Thank you to all those who came to the Veira fundraising concert in the UK for helping pay for her treatment.
Pedro Thank you to the staff and students of Glenham School, Edendale School, Makarewa School and Mossburn School in the south island for raising money to help Pedro.
Jansel Sponsored by: Peter and Claire Haywood
Jansel has had his operation. Thank you so much for your support!
Joshua Paul Operated May 2008
Ivan Thank you sponsors from Tauranga for putting money in the donation boxes.
John Francis John had his operation in April 2007.