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Before After Name Details
Renmark Remark also suffers from malnutrition. We will supply him with milk powder.
He has had his operation on his lip. The palate will be done in 6 months.

Thank you to the Smile Train for sponsoring this child.
Roland Roland is also malnourished so we will supply him with milk powder.

He has had his lip operation and will have his palate operated on in 6 months.

Thank you to all those who put money in the donation boxes in August 2007 and paid for his surgery.
Jhemabel Completed October 2008. Thank you Alison Elson for sponsoring Jhemabel.
Mark Mark has a bone infection. Mark was admitted to hospital where he was given a scan. He was then advised further scans or go home to see if medication would help.The parents decided to take this option.
We will monitor. Has not come back.
Reymark Reymark has a hernia. Needs sponsorship of $650.
Christian Christian had his lip operated on in March. His palate operation was scheduled for August 2007 but unfortunately he missed his appointment. We are rescheduling now. He has now been completed.

Adopted by: Global Angels
Verazaira Thank you to southernstock ( for paying for her surgery and the Pole family. $470 is still needed in sponsorship.
Iverson Khiel Thank you to southernstock ( for paying for his surgery, and the Pole family.
James James has had his operation for his cleft lip. He is back home with his parents and doing well. However his parents have declined any further surgery.

Sponsored by: The Smile Train. Still requires sponsorship of $450 for his lip.