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There are hundreds of organisations much like the Ruel Foundation, all seeking to make the world a better place and all asking for your help, so we understand the continual request for financial assistance can make even the most generous person weary. The dollar that you give is hard earned and represents your time and efforts, detracting from the benefit that you and your family could enjoy - and is in all cases a sacrifice. We understand this too, so your donation of even a couple of dollars is not taken lightly as we see the true value it represents.

The outcome of your giving.

Statistics are awesome, and we have some incredible statistics of the reach and effectiveness of the Ruel Foundation to date. In the last year we have provided over 3300 meals to orphaned children, organised over 80 life changing surgeries, provided emergency medical care for dying children and helped in disaster affected regions - however this misses the point. Our significance lies in the fact that One Child has a better life through the One Action and ongoing commitment we have made. And this is how we are making a difference.

Why should I help

Depending on how you view the world, you do, or do not have any responsibility past yourself. We're hoping that you're here because you fall into the growing category of people who view the world as we do. "A small community to be viewed as family, and when family are suffering, we need to help". Our emotional response to children in need is often more motivating because they are not in a position to help themselves, and this is as it should be. So with your help we can be the vehicle that brings them relief and happiness.

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Direct Deposits or Automatic Payments

For direct deposit or automatic payments to the Foundation:

Ruel Foundation New Zealand
060491 0160788 00
Swift Code: ANZBNZ 22

Donors from Australia
When making donations please ENSURE that your reference is RF_Surname (where _Surname is your name. eg; RF_smith).

BSB: 062 028
Account Number: 0090 5951
Account Name: ASIAC Overseas Aid Fund
Bank: Commonwealth Bank

Donors from the UK

Please provide your donation through Stewardship. This Christian organisation transforms the way you give by allowing the Ruel Foundation to receive an additional 25% extra on your donation by claiming back the tax you would pay. Please contact them at:

PO Box 99, Loughton, Essex IG10 3QJ
or by calling 08452 26 26 27
or 020 8502 5600
and quote our Sovereign account number: 20096960

Donors from the USA

The Ruel Foundation is a registered charitable organization 501(c)3 in California with offices at: Ruel Foundation USA, P.O. Box 4296, Santa Rosa, CA95402. USA

All donations to the Foundation in the USA are tax deductible.

Recent Donations

Name: Susan
Amount: $ 40.00
Date: 24th Sep 2021
Name: Mary
Amount: $ 160.00
Date: 23rd Sep 2021
Name: Corina
Amount: $ 40.00
Date: 23rd Sep 2021
Name: Nonny
Amount: $ 40.00
Date: 23rd Sep 2021
Name: Brad and Rachelle
Amount: $ 50.00
Date: 22nd Sep 2021
Name: Mike and Cath
Amount: $ 40.00
Date: 22nd Sep 2021
Name: Anonymous
Amount: $ 108.70
Date: 22nd Sep 2021