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Romblon Update

Once a decision is made, there is no use wasting time, and we haven't been messing about. Expansion into Romblon Full Steam AHEAD!.

Last week I went to Romblon with a few small objectives in mind.

Elsie’s Choice

My name is Elsie, I am 41 years old, married with one child. I have lived with a cleft lip for my entire life. I have no education, no job, my marriage is failing, I am taunted and ridiculed for the way I look. I get angry at people and hit them when I can’t take it anymore. I feel ashamed and worthless, a broken woman. What am I to do?

Philippines Typhoon Melor

Typhoon Melor hit the Philippine Islands 10 days before Christmas, bringing winds and rain that destroyed entire villages along with crops and food supplies. Our local hero, Pauline Curtis-Smith, was of course unable to sit by and watch this unfold, so once the immediate threat to Ruel House and the safety of the children had passed she sprang into action.
Pauline writes...

Team #foshaw Rickshaw Run

They called it a lawnmower and proceeded to traverse India in an effort to raise money for charity! Not that I've ever met these people, or for that matter had any knowledge of their venture, until they gifted over $3000.00 from their efforts.

Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban

"I am an art student in my fifth year of study and my final year doing my masters. For my masters I am painting from my experiences in Tacloban. Last year I studied for my honours degree and worked part time.